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A Healthy REAL FOOD Protein Bar (VIDEO)

A Healthy REAL FOOD Protein Bar (VIDEO)
By Kelly Gonzalez | February 26, 2015

It’s not too often I find a protein bar that I’ll eat or recommend. See this post to learn why. Many of the real food bars […]

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My First CrossFit Class
By Kelly Gonzalez | February 16, 2015

For a real food eating, functional fitness enthusiast it’s surprising even to me that I’ve never done CrossFit. I think I may have been scarred […]

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Looking Good vs. Feeling Good: Discovering Self-Love & True Health & Happiness
By Kelly Gonzalez | February 8, 2015

This past weekend I worked at the LA. Fit Expo. I was helping out with the Max Reps contest where contestants could win $500 for […]

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Real Food Recipe: Oven Roasted Kale Sprouts (VIDEO)
By Kelly Gonzalez | February 6, 2015

My friends over at 4Earth Farms sent me a new green vegetable to try- kale sprouts aka kalettes. They are a mix between- you may […]

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My LOVE List
By Kelly Gonzalez | February 1, 2015

I believe our purpose as human beings is to be love and radiate love. Let love be who you are, what you do, and what […]

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5 Ways to Spark Your Day

5 Ways to Spark Your Day
By Kelly Gonzalez | January 29, 2015

Everyday can be a GREAT day if you CHOOSE to see it that way. Great days are not always dependent upon circumstances, but rather the […]

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How to Start a Meditation Practice (VIDEO)
By Kelly Gonzalez | January 29, 2015

Meditation connects you to the source of power within- your inner spark. It helps boost immunity, energy, productivity, focus, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Beginning […]

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Acid Alkaline Balance for Athletes

Acid Alkaline Balance for Athletes
By Kelly Gonzalez | January 21, 2015

Since when did sports nutrition mean processed protein bars loaded with artificial preservatives, sugar loaded beverages, and mineral void bottled water? Sometimes an athletes’ diet […]

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How to Shop and Eat Healthy on a Budget at Whole Foods Market (VIDEO)
By Kelly Gonzalez | January 18, 2015

My nutrition philosophy is simple: JUST EAT REAL FOOD Please watch the video and come with me as we shop for REAL FOOD at Whole Foods Market on Lincoln […]

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Sparks of Light

You were born to do BIG things.
Shine bright and share the light.
Self-care is not selfish. It’s necessary.
Move in a way that inspires you.
Do the simple things well.
Gratitude is the key to abundance and happiness.
Create space for light.
Trust the process.
Be responsible for the energy you radiate.
It’s not fitness. It’s an experience.
Break free of your comfort zone.
Move more. Eat real food. Play daily.
Follow your passion.
Find your own unique fit in fitness.