Be Awesome- Be Neutral

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Think Positive, But Remember to Be Aware and Realistic

How many times have you heard, “Don’t do that, you’re going to hurt yourself!” or “That’s dangerous!” 

Last month was the first time in a long time I heard those words.

My father came to visit from Maryland and I decided I would share with him the majestic beauty of California’s national parks. 

“Kelly, go stand over there and I’ll take your picture.” 

Sure thing, Dad…

I find a rock (which just so happened to be on the edge of a cliff), place my head on top, and press up to a tripod headstand. 

“Kelly, that’s dangerous! Stop playing around like that!” My Dad warned.

“What Dad? I’m “standing” over here- I’m just standing on my head!” I joked. (Something about being out in nature brings out my playful and sometimes sarcastic inner child!)

Now don’t get me wrong, my Dad is not the type to ever rain on my parade. He has always been that father who is right there with me in any activity or goal I pursue.

He went on every field trip, coached my lacrosse leagues, ran the races with me, and helped me muck the stalls and carry the hay bales at the horse stable. In fact, he taught me how to drive the tractor when I was 10 so I could be more efficient!  (Good business wisdom!) 

Dad, we REALLY need to strengthen your positive mind!” I said as I hung from a branch in Sequoia National Park. “You’re always thinking the worst is going to happen,” right as a branch beneath my foot broke.

“At my age, I’ve seen a lot more bad stuff happen than you, I’ve experienced it, and I can see it coming,” he said. 

“Well, I like to think positive and not bring that kind of energy into the present moment,” I said to him as I slid down the tree to nurse my scratches. 

Reflecting back, we both had valid points. There’s the positive mind, which unbalanced can be like a hyper-active puppy. 

Then there’s the negative mind, which worries a lot (think Piglet) or is like a treacherous rain cloud on a day at the beach (think Eeyore). 

In reality, we need a healthy balance of both as this creates the neutral mind. 

The neutral mind is like, I’m going to go skydiving for the first time, because it would be a thrill, playful, and fun. (Positive mind), but I’m NOT going to do it without an expert giving me instructions, oh and a parachute, too. (Good call negative mind). 

Seems kinda obvious right? Good!

So we need to think AWESOME, grandiose, BIG, sensational thoughts. That’s the juice that gets us going and keeps us going, but we also need to understand that the road to awesome (whatever awesome is for you) takes patience, discernment, and awareness.

There’s a lot we can learn from our mistakes or the mistakes of others. We can utilize the lessons and hopefully bypass a few obstacles.

If you want to surf the big waves make sure you can surf the small ones first. If you want six-pack abs you have to first understand how to activate and strengthen the core muscles and reduce body fat to make that six-pack visible.  Do your research, seek advice and guidance, listen to your inner guru, and most importantly practice.

Think awesome thoughts, do awesome things (as long as no small animals are injured in the process), but know that no matter what you’re already awesome so enjoy the road to greater awesomeness by being neutral– neutral is being enthusiastic, but also mindful, aware, and realistic.

Needing some neutrality in your life? Check out the video below for a breathing technique. 

That’s all for now. If there is something you want more of- nutrition advice, yoga and fitness tutorials/workouts, motivation, weird stories about my personal life, or the meaning of life ;-P send me a message and let me know. 

Shine Bright! 

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