Coaching Program 

A WHOLE fitness and lifestyle program that is customized to YOU

Most people have no idea how good they are capable of feeling and what they are capable of achieving. 

There are thousands of diets, workout programs, and books about fitness, weight loss, and health, but there is only ONE YOU.

This program is designed around your needs, lifestyle, and goals.

What Makes this Program Unique: 

Save time and money: No more gym memberships, child care, gym germs, or stress scheduling and making it to a class in the middle of rush hour. Get fit in your own home or outdoors.

Build a Strong Foundation: In over a decade of teaching movement and wellbeing I’ve realized that it’s all about the basics. If you can master the basics of breath, awareness, movement, mindset, and healthy habits you set yourself up for a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. 

Train Smarter not Harder: It’s not about doing everything; it’s about doing what’s right for you. When you only have so much time available to dedicate to your training it’s vital to do the exercises that strengthen your weak links and align the variables of training, nutrition, and recovery in an effective and efficient program.

Look Great, FEEL Great: Physical transformation is an inside out process. When you believe in what you’re doing, find joy in the process, find the value in successes and shortcomings, and love the food you eat the journey becomes bliss. When you know that you are not only making yourself a better person, but also igniting the spark in others by radiating positive energy via your own self-confidence you will reap the FULL benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced Program to Avoid Burnout: One of the most challenging things in fitness is striking the right balance between pushing too hard and not doing enough. Your training shouldn’t wipe you out for the rest of your day. Your training should energize you and allow you to do the activities you love.  I help you implement a nourishing, balanced, and sustainable training program to ensure a lifetime of fitness.

Balance the Elements, Align, and Flow with Nature: Discover the elements and pure energy within you.  Sync up with the natural cycles of nature and let nature be your teacher.

Be Your Own Fitness Expert: All the power lies within you. The fact that you’re here reading this right now is a sign that your inner wisdom is ready to reveal itself. I teach you how to understand your patterns and tendencies and cultivate game winning strategies to succeed. 

Mindset of a Champion: Mindfulness is a big part of this coaching program. You will learn that it’s not just what you do that matters, but how you do it. You will learn how to cultivate and extract intrinsic motivation. If you put forth consistent effort and stay the path you will overcome obstacles, gain wisdom and willpower, and unlock your true potential.

This is a sustainable fitness and lifestyle program

This program will teach you how to alter your habits and patterns for the better, get focused, and change your body from the inside out.

After three months you can either continue on for the next season, stay with me for the occasional check-in and elemental conditioning workout or use the tools you’ve learned and go on your own adventure.

What you receive:

  • Morning and evening rituals
  • Customized nutrition program which we continue to refine as you progress
  • Progressive training program that addresses all elements of fitness- mobility, strength, cardio & HIIT training, yoga flows, and mindset.
  • Lifestyle tips and exercises to tune into the innate wisdom of the body, recover fast, increase energy, tap into your creative flow, and skyrocket productivity and focus
  • Seasonal tips to live in harmony with nature
  • Weekly phone/Facetime or in person meetings

Available online and in person in Los Angeles.

This is a 3 month minimum commitment to ensure transformation. Space is limited.

Very Limited Openings - Apply Here Now


Kelly Gonzalez is fantastic. She makes fitness and nutrition easy! She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic to a person's individual needs. She brings a personal warmth and concern that is always genuine. Her passion for what she does is evident in her concern for her clients health and well being. I have worked with her for the past six months and highly recommend her. She provides a unique and truly personal approach to every one of her clients. I can truly say that my life has changed since working with her.

Gary Demetriou

I cannot say enough positive things about hiring Kelly Gonzalez as my personal nutritionist and fitness coach. She has taught me so much about how nutrition and exercise work. Kelly teaches from the heart and from experience.

Kelly designed a program designed just for me with all the foods I love to eat. She has also created a personal fitness plan that she changes every six weeks so that it challenged me as well as keep me from being bored. I really like how Kelly works with you to customize your program with the foods you can eat, supplements you can take, when you have to dine out and travel.

Kelly is tough and demands discipline and makes no excuses. Having to check in with her every week makes it easy to stay on track with my goals and ultimately being able to reach them. The dramatic changes I have seen and felt are amazing and I only have Kelly to thank. She is the catalyst of my success. I would recommend Kelly to anyone with no hesitation! She has a wealth of information and through her enthusiasm there is no way you will not reach your fitness goals.


We met Kelly and signed up for her nutrition program after seeing a previous client of hers. Kelly has been amazing, we have a whole new outlook on food and eating. Kelly provides you all the tools you need to be successful and is there to answer any questions along that way and provide motivation. So far combined we have lost a total of 105lbs. We highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to make a change.

Lisa & Ben

My wife and I have engaged Kelly Gonzalez as our twice-a-week personal trainer for the past eight weeks with commendable results. Each of us has a separate one-half hour workout since my wife is younger and much more active while at 77 my activity is confined to two hours of semi-rigorous doubles tennis.

My workout is a fast-moving, constantly changing routine for greater strength, agility, balance, and range of motion. Particularly appreciated is her full explanation of what is being done and why. Also assuring is her ability to judge my limits and make certain that I am not overworked, but still pushed to the point where solid progress is obtained.

To date, in addition to a demonstrable increase in strength and endurance, my tennis has improved – get to drop shots quicker – and have greater confidence in my on-court stability.

Kier, age 77

Kelly is simply AWESOME! Kelly comes to our home two to three times a week. She is very accommodating with regard to scheduling the in-house workouts. Kelly brings a ton of high energy & education to make the workout fun, customized… and exhausting. Everything is personalized to fit your capabilities, shortcomings and strengths. Her knowledge goes beyond exercise and encompasses physiology, spirituality and nutrition. Workouts are never boring and she is constantly adding variety. This is the most efficient workout you can have that combines stretching with high intensity resistance & body weight motions for maximum heart rate. We could not recommend anyone higher.

Danielle & Matt

Kelly has a unique combination of knowledge, passion, drive, and positive spirit that will inspire and motivate you to work out, eat right, and stay with the program. Kelly designs a nutrition plan just for you and incorporates the healthy foods you like to eat throughout the day. On days that you aren’t being trained by Kelly, she will provide an exercise plan designed just for you! Kelly has even incorporated a work out plan designed to support an injured knee that I have had since being an NFL cheerleader.
Since working out with Kelly, I have lost more than an inch around my waist, firmed my glutes, become much stronger, gone down a dress size, and lost 5 pounds. Kelly is a gifted trainer, and I am blessed that I have found her.

Debbie Fowler

Other Services Include:

Q&A Session

60 min in person, Facetime, or phone consultation to get on the path towards a healthy lifestyle, develop action steps, and move forward towards your goals.

Ideal if…

- You are an aspiring entrepreneur in fitness and wellness

- You have regular workout regimen, but have hit a plateau

- You need the motivation and accountability to get started

- You need help goal-setting and coming up with action steps

Online Customized Fitness & Nutrition Program


- Morning rituals

- Evening rituals

- Customized nutrition program

- Customized 4 week fitness program

- Email check-ins for Q&A every Friday for 1 month.

Step 1: Fill out this form

Step 2: Submit Payment

Payment Options:

Paypal: Choose friends and family and send to

Check made out to Kelly Gonzalez

Mailing address: P.O. Box 868, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

Step 3: Within 7 days or less of receiving your payment and online form I will create a folder with your customized program in google drive and email to you.

Step 4: Confirm you received all documents. Email me to set up a time to review the program over the phone or FaceTime  

Step 5: Get moving! Email check-ins due on Fridays by 5PM. I respond within 3 days.

Fitness & Yoga Training
  •  Experience an efficient, effective, and enjoyable customized movement session that is tailored to your level and intentions. 

  • Private, group, and online training available

Private Restorative Movement
  • Reduce pain and move freely! Through a combination of self-myofascial release, joint mobility, core strengthening and balance exercises I help you regain lost ranges of motion, move with ease, and build a stronger more balanced you.
  • This class is also available as a workshop
  • Please contact me for more information
Elemental Conditioning Workouts

Workouts are offered outdoors or in your home.

Contact me for outdoor locations in the Southbay (Hermosa, Manhattan, Redondo Beach area)

Available for individuals or small groups

Choose your element for your customized workout:

EARTH: Strength & Conditioning  

Get grounded with a variety of bodyweight strength based movements to access your inner and outer strength.

WATER: Mobility & Mindfulness  

Be aligned and move with more ease. In this class we will work towards improved posture, mobility, coordination, and movement awareness.

FIRE: Interval Training & Core Conditioning

Ignite your will, stoke your metabolism, and fire up your core in this conditioning class. We will work with timed intervals that vary in intensity.

AIR & ETHER: Yoga & Meditation

Breathe, flow and move with strength and grace through a series of yoga postures. Relax and access deeper dimensions of consciousness in meditation.