King (or Queen) of Dreams (Video for Personal Development)

There’s this family memory my Mom likes to remind me of on Martin Luther King day. I was in first grade and came home so excited shouting, “guess what, guess what today is!”

“It’s King Rupert’s birthday!” I exclaimed.

“Who is King Rupert?” My parents asked.

“He’s the king of dreams!” I said with a huge smile on my face.

Looking back I really enjoy my nickname for Martin Luther King Jr. He was a king of dreams. He had the courage to stand up for what he believed in at all costs and worked relentlessly towards making his dream a reality.

We all hold a dream deep down inside of us. 

Maybe when you’re in nature, driving down the road solo, or wake up in the middle of the night that dream re-emerges and whispers to you.

Are you listening?

Our bodies are constantly providing biofeedback in response to the environment and our lifestyles. When we are on the right path and living in alignment with our inner nature we feel calm, strong, energized, focused, and invigorated. When we are out of alignment negative messages come in the form of overwhelming emotions, tension, pain, and fatigue.

When we consistently practice self-care physically, mentally, and emotionally the body harmonizes and heals itself effortlessly. Chronic aches and pains fade away, energy is restored, and productivity skyrockets. The result is not only vibrant health, but also authentic happiness. 

Taking the time to exercise regularly, eat healthy, and still the mind allows dreams that lie deep within to come to the surface. By keeping your physical body clear you are more receptive and in tune to the messages, and have the energy and physical ability to turn that dream into a reality just like King Rupert…I mean Martin Luther King Jr. 


An important part of self-care is personal development. You have unique gifts and talents, and it is your birthright to explore the callings of your soul. Fulfillment comes not in the achievement of a particular goal, but rather in working towards a goal and making the most of your gifts.


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