Philosophy & Core Values

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

It is only when we take responsibility for and tend to our own health & happiness that we can be great for others

 The advice I share with you comes from my direct experience. I’ve had many wonderful and also many not so great experiences on my path. I love the journey towards self-improvement and personal growth, and I hope to spark enthusiasm for the quest towards your full potential and love for the journey within you. 


It is through the framework of the body that we begin to access the Self.

I believe that movement and physical activity is a gateway to self-discovery. I’ve learned more life lessons in my journey towards athletic and movement goals than any other area in my life.  I’ve embarked on journeys such as being a Division I lacrosse player at Johns Hopkins University, marathon runner, international beach sprinter for the United States Lifeguarding Association, and professional physique competitor.

But, it was not until I burnt out, went on a quest to restore myself, and learned how to ignite a sustainable fire that I discovered the true meaning of vibrant health and authentic happiness.  

Movement reveals our strengths, inner dialogue, habits, and weaknesses. It shows us what our work is physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we find strength, flexibility, mobility, and ease in the body we experience these traits in mind and it radiates out into all parts of our lives allowing us to access our inner nature; authentic power, and transform from the inside out.

As a kid I watched and helped my parents build our family home. I think of a movement practice like fine homebuilding. You need a stable foundation and strong framework to build a sturdy house. The wooden framework represents the physical body.  The electrical framework represents our ability to circulate and manage energy- being able to get yourself going, dim the lights to reserve energy, and turn out the lights to save energy and avoid burnout.

Real Food

Eat Food that Loves you Back.

Food that comes from the earth; that is grown, raised, and sourced sustainably, can heal, nourish, and bring people together. There was a time in my life I ignored the natural rhythms and signals of my body. I felt the need to control what I ate so intensely I shut myself off from enjoying food and enjoying meals with others.

The month before I qualified for the Olympia as a pro physique competitor I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. At that time, my menstrual cycles had been nonexistent for nearly six years due to intense training combined with a severely restrictive diet and lifestyle. I felt depleted and exhausted for the rest of the day after my morning training sessions. I was obsessed with making sure I counted every single calorie. I thought I was doing everything right to be “fit.”

During my quest for health and happiness I let go of false beliefs surrounding food. I found joy in going to farmer’s markets, preparing healthy meals anywhere- even when I lived on a sailboat and only had a hot plate, mini fridge, and a single pot and frying pan available.  I figured out how simple it can be to eat healthy anywhere. I love how I help my clients and students demystify healthy eating and weight loss and weight management through eating whole foods.

Food is so much more than calories that cause us to gain or lose weight. Food is energy in every sense of the word. The energy you put into your body becomes the energy you radiate out into the world. Form a relationship with the food you eat. Eat real food. Eat mindfully. Eat food you love and food that loves you back.

Connection to Nature

I believe in breaking out of the box, moving, and communing with nature.

I grew up on 18 acres in the woods about 20 miles outside of Annapolis, Maryland. There were no other kids around to play with. My parents both worked full-time. I spent my days taking care of horses, chickens, and goats at the barn. I found comfort walking through the woods, mucking stalls, tossing hay bales, and reading in the hayloft. The recipe of nature, movement, breath, and self-discipline ignited my imagination and heart center. Whenever I am in nature I feel whole; child-like joy and enthusiasm runs through my veins, and I experience a strong connection to Source and an unwavering sense of gratitude.

Productivity  & Work Life Balance

Work to LIVE. It’s not about being busy. It’s about being productive.

I was that kid who hung inspirational posters on my walls, wrote my goals on my bathroom mirror, and never minded hard work when it came to achieving a goal. I have an innate tendency to get consumed by my work, creations, and projects.

While it’s great to be highly motivated and have an intense fire of desire to succeed burning brightly within, it can become dangerous and destructive leading to injuries, fatigue, and burnout, when that fire is not tended to with awareness and care.

My intention is to help bring balance to your life. Stay focused and work hard, but also play daily. When we learn to balance striving to succeed and allowing life to unfold we drop into the flow of life. You learn to challenge yourself in a sustainable way, create time and space to do the things that bring you joy, and discover how to break through barriers physically and mentally.  

Meditation & Gratitude

If I had to choose just one habit that could illuminate every aspect of your life it would be practicing meditation.

Our minds are constantly producing thoughts. Continuous and fluctuating thoughts prohibit us from experiencing life and ourselves on a deeper transcendental level. Meditation is taking a break from the incessant wheel of thoughts and allowing yourself to just BE. It’s in this state of pure awareness that we heal, rejuvenate, source creativity, and connect to our true nature.