Elemental Conditioning Beach Workout and Beach Clean Up January 28, 2017


Elemental Conditioning Jan 28 17

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Restorative Movement Workshop  

Breathe better. Move better. Feel Better. 


The 4 Phases of Restoration  

Release: Let go of rotten emotions, adhesions, and stress with a combination of trigger point therapy and a dose of reflection.

Rebalance: Open your body and mind with yoga asanas, move stuck energy, and balance your nervous system.

Re-pattern: Restore proper alignment. Activate your body and awaken dormant neural pathways to experience your true strength.

Restore: Relax deeply, breathe with more ease, and allow the body to harmonize and be restored inside and out. 




Elemental Conditioning Workshop Series

Moving Towards Your Inner Nature


WATER: Mobility & Mindfulness

Be aligned and move with more ease. In this class we will work towards improved posture, mobility, coordination,and movement awareness. 

EARTH: Strength & Conditioning 

Get grounded with moderate intensity resistance training and a variety of bodyweight strength based movements to feel your inner and outer power.

 FIRE: Interval Training & Core Conditioning 

Ignite your will, stoke your metabolism, and fire up your core in this conditioning class. We will work with timed intervals that vary in intensity. 

 AIR & ETHER: Yoga & Meditation 

Breathe, flow and move with strength and grace through a series of yoga postures. Relax and access deeper dimensions of consciousness in meditation. 

  • Vigorous Vinyasa flow or relaxing restorative option available 

 If interested in hosting a workshop please contact me



Can’t make it to a class or workshop? On location and online private and small group training and coaching is available. Please see my coaching page for details.