I absolutely love empowering and inspiring large groups to live their healthiest and happiest lives. I give speeches at businesses, schools, and community groups. Speeches can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Signature Speaking Series: 

Igniting the Fire Within

Tune into what sparks the fire in you to live healthy and pursue your goals, ignite and get started with a plan of action, shine bright with daily practice, harness the energy and keep that fire burning for a lifetime. 

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Roots & Alignment

You must root down to rise up. Learn the basics of good posture and alignment. In this seminar we will discuss the importance of spinal health for improved movement, vitality, and productivity. Learn exercises you can do anywhere to promote balance and stability in body and mind. 

Mobility & Flow

Pain and tension do not have to be part of everyday life. Learn tools and techniques to improve mobility. Start moving with greater ease and awareness; drop into the flow state for enhanced creativity and stress-relief. 

Core Strength & Will Power

A strong core helps keep the entire body stable. When you have a deeply rooted connection to your "center" you can tap into your truth anytime and anywhere, harness your personal power, and follow through as you move towards your goals. 

Lighten Up: Nutrition & Mindful Eating

Get back to basics with this simple and highly effective approach to healthy eating. We will discuss ideal foods to eat, nutrient timing, and mindful eating. Learn how to build your own nutrition plan to fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle. 

Mind Over Matter: Meditation and the Practice of Self-Mastery

Discover how to access the wellspring of wisdom that resides within you. We will discuss what meditation is, the benefits, how to get started with a daily practice, and how to keep the inner fire burning bright.