Why You Can’t Give Up

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

There have been numerous times I have wanted to give up this whole fitness coaching and health promotion gig. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, it takes enthusiasm, courage, and persistence.

But, what I’m realizing is that it’s not with just being an entrepreneur; that’s life.

There are times in life we may think the grass is greener on the other side; that someone somewhere else is doing it right and we must have it all wrong.

But, the truth is, we all must face challenges; challenges aren’t only physical. More often than not, it’s mental. Self doubt creeps in pulls you off your path. Emotions creep in and douse water all over that hot fire, obstacles may blow in like the wind and put out the flames.

No matter what happens you must keep that fire lit. 

I’ve experienced numerous miraculous occurrences whenever I have major doubt. This evening I was doing a little early Spring cleaning on my laptop. I was creating more space when I stumbled across an old folder titled “Videos.”

I came across videos I made seven years ago!

Lo and behold, there I was fresh faced and bright eyed doing what I love most.

I saw that girl’s enthusiasm, her spark, her light.

Before she moved to LA to pursue her dreams, hit some road bumps when a television show deal fell through, and had to find the courage to get over perfectionism and keep going for the love of sharing and helping others, not for a fancy expectation or outcome.

If you feel like you want to ignite and start again, it’s never too late. Is there a memory, a picture, a moment you recall when you felt so alive? How can you rekindle that spark and illuminate your path? Remember, you’re never too old, you’re wiser now than you’ve ever been before.
When you shine bright the whole world lights up. So keep on stoking the fire within!


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